The Passion for Embellishment

New Doc 3_1A theater, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own has no importance

It was indeed a pleasure for Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)’s very own IPAG or Integrated Performing Arts Guild to re staged  the ‘Crossing Poetry’ or known as SUGATULA as a feature for the National Arts Month. Known to have shield the Philippine National Theater and recognized as a Philippine’s leading theater company today, IPAG will surely hit the theater play at its best.

I am one of those privileged student who were able to watch the said play. And as I stride in the midst of the CASSALIDA where the latter would perform, I already told myself that it would be a fantastic show. Mesmerized by the artistic theatrical set up of the stage immediately gave me the goosebumps I rarely feel. The darkness and coldness of the place spoke what the act really wanted to portray. There were already artists in the floor who were acting demented, acting like in recesses of misery and agony. I was caught by the seen. The play was not yet started but the artists acted like they were in middle of something which is very amazing. And then a voice play over saying the play would start. Group of artists then came out of nowhere and started waving their hands swiftly and gracefully. And a voice play again and started chanting rhymes and phrases. I realize then that it was a poem he chanted. A poem that I haven’t heard yet. The artists continue what ever they were doing and with their rhythm and dances the written material transform into verbal. Every wave of their hands, every movement of their feet it all had meanings. It had symbols that added spices to the artwork they were performing which made it more interesting and as well as entertaining.

I have already watched some theatrical play but not the same as this. I have been amazed by theatrical play but it did not give me chill or goosebumps. And this act is not that lengthy but it brought me to different places, different dimensions and made me feel mixed emotions in just one play as they translated through their dances six different poems that were made by well-known writers of our country.

The art of God, the human body, is the most perfect art we could ever see. That’s what I realized. The crab mentality of people that worsening the lives of everyone will bring no good to humanity. It would just gives us hatred and will leave us NOTHING! The war that also worsening the situation of the people, the unreasonable killings, the injustice in our political system, the darkness of people who would force you to do something, the pressure that could kill someone, the foolishness of people to follow everything and the beauty of poetry were my realizations after I watched the play.

Everything was translated with passion through their performance. A passion for embellishment. An embellishment that speaks for every theatrical play, every artistic expression and every literature that they do.

And in relevance, I, as a Filipino, is proud to be part of this poetry that describes my culture and that through this guild I am able to strengthen this passion. A passion of great importance.


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