The Living Crisis


Let me go straight to my message: The treatment of the government to its people in times of crisis.

According to President Noynoy in an interview with Development Asia Magazine on his government’s approach to disasters are naturally evolving and thus, quoting “From being reactive, to being very proactive”. And even said that the disaster response systems are already improved and that on the basis of their increased wherewithal they had already made a ‘HABIT’ of propositioning goods before calamities came. And that is the case now. They proposition the goods before the calamities and then hiding them when the latter would actually come.

I still remember when I read a news about a newspaper for Filipino workers in New Zealand who told readers how to donate to the typhoon relief effort in their homeland, it mentioned agencies like Red Cross, but not a list of government bank accounts that the Philippine embassy had sent over. And when they are asked why? they said ” We would like every cent to REACH those poor people there rather than getting waylaid”.

It open my eyes to the truth, that the Government which is made by the people are not even trusted by the people themselves. The statement doesn’t attack anything or anyone but it was full of meaning. It was a statement that can embarrass us as a people, as a Filipino.

Truly corruption is a concern after any major natural disasters, as millions of dollars in cash and goods rush in from all over the world. But those worries are especially acute in the Philippines where graft and corruption has been a part of life for decades.

What happen to the country? What happen to the Philippines??



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