“I Love the idea of embracing your curves and loving yourself while expressing it through fashion.” ~Hayley Hasselhoff

Indeed! The above quotation really fits to the idea about how skinny jeans brings fashion into our lives. But, it’s hard to remember a time when skinny jeans weren’t the standard pants for fashion. But, the skin-tight, denim skinnies we know today haven’t always been a wardrobe staple in ladies closets. In fact, their evolution has been a long road—one that includes gender bending, political protests, and textile innovation (because denim itself is a relatively new material). Way back to the vista of years, from the clingy white trousers worn by French noblemen, to the spandex leggings of the 80’s, skinny pants have been around for a long time. We took it upon ourselves to investigate just how body-hugging pants became the ubiquitous skinny jeans we know today. Traces of the history of this skinny jeans, it was first worn by film stars like Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Zorro, Gene Autry, Marilyn Manroe, and Sandra Dee. It is so astonishing to know that these jeans were truly worn by guys since then, which we totally view before that wearing skinny jeans are only for ladies. But todays fashion brings out the undying existence of this body-hugging pants which is both worn by man and woman. Known for its thigh hugging, form fitting silhouette-skinny jeans tapper at the ankle and are widely recognized for its slim cut that surely exudes sex appeal. There comes a time that even woman began pushing gender roles by widely adopting slim cut denim and other male dominated fashion statements.


Skinny jeans served as a means of communicating gender empowerment and equality through channeling female sexuality while drawing attention to feminine curves. Skinny jeans epitomized both sexuality and sex appeal when the king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley, began wearing them during his tantalizing performances before. Also skinny jeans became synonymous with a ‘bad boy’ rock n’ roll image and served as a uniform staple for fashion-forward rockers in the alternative music industry. Rock band legends like Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles also helped paved the way for the skinny jean phenomenon through fusing fashion with performance/entertainment. Thus, skinny jeans united genders in another counter-cultural movement—punk, when rockers of both sexes could share most of their wardrobe. This highly fashioned skinny jeans comes with no gender, as long as you are comfortable to wear it. This let fashionistas around the world know that wearing skinny jeans was really an art of expressing oneself in an honest conviction and self -proclamation that we are all co-equal. Even though, nowadays, we mostly associate skinny jeans for a girl’s fashion, but it does not imply that boys will have to deprive themselves to wear it. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable for dudes to rock on women’s clothes now. As a matter of fact, there’s been a spike in the number of men buying women’s skinny jeans for themselves. The increased sales are happening online, not surprisingly since shopping from computer allows everyone to avoid face-to-face judgment with a sales associate. Well, it would be a great insult for a man to be teased as “girly”, especially in today’s generation, most of the people are not open-minded enough or not liberated enough to accept fashion for an outlook or so called “OOTD”. Because some people do still think that wearing women’s jeans is a no no if you are a guy, however most of the time we can’t even tell the difference. Celebrities like Rusell Brand and Harry Styles are often reaching for the lady jeans, ensuring they have a super skinny fit right the way to the ankle which looks good to them. But, naysayers are always around, anyone who browses this sub knows the mantra “fit is king”. Obviously if any jeans didn’t fit well/look good he wouldn’t wear them anyway. The point is that some jeans marketed for women actually fit men well and there’s no need to go searching for similar “men’s” jeans just to preserve some sort of artificial sense of masculinity.


However, the skinny jeans trend made also a steep declined in the 1990’s with the advancement of hip hop and grunge music. Both grunge and hip hop dictated a uniform consisting of baggy jeans and oversized outwear- starkly contrasting the considerably contoured fashion trends of the 1970’s and 1980’s. That is why wearing loosed pants had become one of the remedy as a fashion during those times and countless room for skinny jeans to wear with. So, the overlapping trends within the fashion and music industry is undeniable, and the history of skinny jeans greatly exemplifies this widespread notion. But, today the appeal of skinny jeans has reached other industries and comes in many forms.


More so, skinny jeans made a comeback. And that is why it has been worn and scattered from almost everywhere today. Now, let us all face the reality that skinny jeans had become the mainstream of fashion now and even before. It really marked a golden epoch in the history of fashion. It brings equal significant identity to all of us. It echoes every word we want to express. And it reflects one’s behavior of choosing one’s fashion. No matter what gender we are made of, wearing skinny jeans is not a hindrance to show how fashionista we became.


On Ideology


“People will often tolerate believers of their own beliefs but deter and repudiate those who dare not to believe and those who live on their own beliefs.”

The statement above seems not deviant at all. It is sad to say that it became part of the degrading political system, economic enhancement, and socio-cultural status here in our society, the so called effects of “IDEOLOGY” as defined by Althusser. It cannot be denied that from the history bloodline runs the intrepidity of the influence brought by the ideology itself. And we can’t deny the fact that we, as living rational in our society, are greatly affected by this creed of life. In fact, we are tightly caged in a quarantine of ignorance because we tend to fit ourselves in a place where our standards is just a mere opinion, where our dreams are their greatest nightmare, where what we think is right is what they think is wrong, where what we believe is good is what they believed as useless and evil, and where what we used to do is the reciprocal of what they expect us to do. Isn’t it ironic? Well, welcome to a place called “THEIRS”. It is “theirs” because we tend to live according to their standards. We seemed to deprive ourselves from being who we really are just to be “in” in the society.

The real dilemma here is that we lack the capability to express ourselves in an honest conviction. We don’t have the guts to break free and shout out the things we want to say- that we want to live in our own unique way. And what matters most is that we let this “ideology” be struck in our minds, blocking our own perspective while letting others conquer ours without even knowing that sometimes our perspective distorts the truth and falsify what is right. As a result, false consciousness arise since according to Althusser, ideology have very little to do with consciousness – it is profoundly unconscious and it thrives the belief in the belief of others.

Now we are in search for the true understanding of “Reality” and the real condition of our existence out of ideology. And searching for the right thing is accompanied with hesitation since we tend to belittle and berate ourselves. As a result we’ll just agree to what is trending in the society. But in the end of the day, we are just blinded by our own conviction. We just need to unveil the obviousness of the situation and only then we can realize that we can be the person we want us to be. It is the time for us to let ourselves to be freed from the cage of fear considering that we are able to do so.There is this palpable need of changing dominion. It may sound an old cliché but believe it or not, it’s a matter of choice. We choose the kind of person we want to become that is why, as early as now, we should learn to create our own backbone, to speak what is right, and never teach ourselves to be timid and passive in life.

“Believe what you believe, not what they want you to believe in.”

The Living Crisis


Let me go straight to my message: The treatment of the government to its people in times of crisis.

According to President Noynoy in an interview with Development Asia Magazine on his government’s approach to disasters are naturally evolving and thus, quoting “From being reactive, to being very proactive”. And even said that the disaster response systems are already improved and that on the basis of their increased wherewithal they had already made a ‘HABIT’ of propositioning goods before calamities came. And that is the case now. They proposition the goods before the calamities and then hiding them when the latter would actually come.

I still remember when I read a news about a newspaper for Filipino workers in New Zealand who told readers how to donate to the typhoon relief effort in their homeland, it mentioned agencies like Red Cross, but not a list of government bank accounts that the Philippine embassy had sent over. And when they are asked why? they said ” We would like every cent to REACH those poor people there rather than getting waylaid”.

It open my eyes to the truth, that the Government which is made by the people are not even trusted by the people themselves. The statement doesn’t attack anything or anyone but it was full of meaning. It was a statement that can embarrass us as a people, as a Filipino.

Truly corruption is a concern after any major natural disasters, as millions of dollars in cash and goods rush in from all over the world. But those worries are especially acute in the Philippines where graft and corruption has been a part of life for decades.

What happen to the country? What happen to the Philippines??


The Passion for Embellishment

New Doc 3_1A theater, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own has no importance

It was indeed a pleasure for Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)’s very own IPAG or Integrated Performing Arts Guild to re staged  the ‘Crossing Poetry’ or known as SUGATULA as a feature for the National Arts Month. Known to have shield the Philippine National Theater and recognized as a Philippine’s leading theater company today, IPAG will surely hit the theater play at its best.

I am one of those privileged student who were able to watch the said play. And as I stride in the midst of the CASSALIDA where the latter would perform, I already told myself that it would be a fantastic show. Mesmerized by the artistic theatrical set up of the stage immediately gave me the goosebumps I rarely feel. The darkness and coldness of the place spoke what the act really wanted to portray. There were already artists in the floor who were acting demented, acting like in recesses of misery and agony. I was caught by the seen. The play was not yet started but the artists acted like they were in middle of something which is very amazing. And then a voice play over saying the play would start. Group of artists then came out of nowhere and started waving their hands swiftly and gracefully. And a voice play again and started chanting rhymes and phrases. I realize then that it was a poem he chanted. A poem that I haven’t heard yet. The artists continue what ever they were doing and with their rhythm and dances the written material transform into verbal. Every wave of their hands, every movement of their feet it all had meanings. It had symbols that added spices to the artwork they were performing which made it more interesting and as well as entertaining.

I have already watched some theatrical play but not the same as this. I have been amazed by theatrical play but it did not give me chill or goosebumps. And this act is not that lengthy but it brought me to different places, different dimensions and made me feel mixed emotions in just one play as they translated through their dances six different poems that were made by well-known writers of our country.

The art of God, the human body, is the most perfect art we could ever see. That’s what I realized. The crab mentality of people that worsening the lives of everyone will bring no good to humanity. It would just gives us hatred and will leave us NOTHING! The war that also worsening the situation of the people, the unreasonable killings, the injustice in our political system, the darkness of people who would force you to do something, the pressure that could kill someone, the foolishness of people to follow everything and the beauty of poetry were my realizations after I watched the play.

Everything was translated with passion through their performance. A passion for embellishment. An embellishment that speaks for every theatrical play, every artistic expression and every literature that they do.

And in relevance, I, as a Filipino, is proud to be part of this poetry that describes my culture and that through this guild I am able to strengthen this passion. A passion of great importance.

My Past Tense

“I am what I am now. Every scars on my skin has its story. Every scratch has its meaning and everything in me is important cause it defines me as a person, all my experiences, decisions and thoughts make me the person that I am now”

Everything I knew was a product of my past adventure, my past wanders and my past explorations but what are those? What are those things that I’d learned that molded me to become the man I am now? Let me give you a glimpse of who really I am and some of the happenings in my life a couple of years ago.

It was a sunny day. I looked at the clock and it was already 10:00 in the morning. I looked around. I saw no one on the bed with me. I stand up and walked towards the window. I saw a lot of busy persons. Some of them were wearing uniforms. Some were eating. There were also lots of children on the street which made it even din. They were playing and running with their parents watching them on the other side of the street. I was stuck with the scene. It just made me wish that I was there with my MOM and DAD playing happily with nothing to be worried of. Though I was still a kid by then the ambiance of the place where I was standing to was bothering me but I still manage to looked at the kids on the street until a kid with both his parents on his side caught my attention. Everything that happened to me on the past few days of my life had flashback.

It was a rainy morning. Everything was set. Everything was fine except for the weather. Dad was preparing for his work and mom had just finished preparing our breakfast so she called us to eat. As I go to school mom was with me. We walked in the rain with a small umbrella until we reached the ‘SIKAD’ terminal. From then we rode in a sikad until we’ve reached the school. I am sad and I don’t know why.  I shouldn’t be for it was our culmination for the MR. and MS. KID Valentines and I was one of the contestants. On the other hand, while on the school’s stairs my mom’s phone rang. My heart was rumbling cause it felt like something bad was happening. After she made the conversation, she immediately dragged me to my classroom and left me. I still remember how she was after that conversation on the phone. Her eyes were immediately filled with tears which she kept on holding on to not to cry in front of me. I want to know the story behind that look of her but mom already left me with this big question of what really happen.

Right now, I am on my way to our old house to light up a candle for my dad. It is too hard to accept everything. I know it is too early for him to have left us, to left me, but for sure I know dad has something to say about this matter. I know he will be saying if ever he’s still around that we must be strong, that we must not only depend for everything is unpredictable and will definitely end! Stop!.

Now, I am making my own journey, though sometimes it’s very dramatic like I am thinking to submit an entry to MMK ( Dear Charo;)) and though it can’t and definitely it won’t be sweet as fairytales does but at least I’m making it’s chapters even better by reviewing my last page mistakes and correcting my last chapter’s droughtiness by making everyone around me happy and by accepting challenges and failures but of course the most important. Celebrating VICTORIES in the name of GOD cause just like what I’ve said earlier, I am what I am and everything in me was full of untold stories. ( God knows everything about it ask Him for more details) 🙂

Godbless to all of us.