“I Love the idea of embracing your curves and loving yourself while expressing it through fashion.” ~Hayley Hasselhoff

Indeed! The above quotation really fits to the idea about how skinny jeans brings fashion into our lives. But, it’s hard to remember a time when skinny jeans weren’t the standard pants for fashion. But, the skin-tight, denim skinnies we know today haven’t always been a wardrobe staple in ladies closets. In fact, their evolution has been a long road—one that includes gender bending, political protests, and textile innovation (because denim itself is a relatively new material). Way back to the vista of years, from the clingy white trousers worn by French noblemen, to the spandex leggings of the 80’s, skinny pants have been around for a long time. We took it upon ourselves to investigate just how body-hugging pants became the ubiquitous skinny jeans we know today. Traces of the history of this skinny jeans, it was first worn by film stars like Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Zorro, Gene Autry, Marilyn Manroe, and Sandra Dee. It is so astonishing to know that these jeans were truly worn by guys since then, which we totally view before that wearing skinny jeans are only for ladies. But todays fashion brings out the undying existence of this body-hugging pants which is both worn by man and woman. Known for its thigh hugging, form fitting silhouette-skinny jeans tapper at the ankle and are widely recognized for its slim cut that surely exudes sex appeal. There comes a time that even woman began pushing gender roles by widely adopting slim cut denim and other male dominated fashion statements.


Skinny jeans served as a means of communicating gender empowerment and equality through channeling female sexuality while drawing attention to feminine curves. Skinny jeans epitomized both sexuality and sex appeal when the king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley, began wearing them during his tantalizing performances before. Also skinny jeans became synonymous with a ‘bad boy’ rock n’ roll image and served as a uniform staple for fashion-forward rockers in the alternative music industry. Rock band legends like Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles also helped paved the way for the skinny jean phenomenon through fusing fashion with performance/entertainment. Thus, skinny jeans united genders in another counter-cultural movement—punk, when rockers of both sexes could share most of their wardrobe. This highly fashioned skinny jeans comes with no gender, as long as you are comfortable to wear it. This let fashionistas around the world know that wearing skinny jeans was really an art of expressing oneself in an honest conviction and self -proclamation that we are all co-equal. Even though, nowadays, we mostly associate skinny jeans for a girl’s fashion, but it does not imply that boys will have to deprive themselves to wear it. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable for dudes to rock on women’s clothes now. As a matter of fact, there’s been a spike in the number of men buying women’s skinny jeans for themselves. The increased sales are happening online, not surprisingly since shopping from computer allows everyone to avoid face-to-face judgment with a sales associate. Well, it would be a great insult for a man to be teased as “girly”, especially in today’s generation, most of the people are not open-minded enough or not liberated enough to accept fashion for an outlook or so called “OOTD”. Because some people do still think that wearing women’s jeans is a no no if you are a guy, however most of the time we can’t even tell the difference. Celebrities like Rusell Brand and Harry Styles are often reaching for the lady jeans, ensuring they have a super skinny fit right the way to the ankle which looks good to them. But, naysayers are always around, anyone who browses this sub knows the mantra “fit is king”. Obviously if any jeans didn’t fit well/look good he wouldn’t wear them anyway. The point is that some jeans marketed for women actually fit men well and there’s no need to go searching for similar “men’s” jeans just to preserve some sort of artificial sense of masculinity.


However, the skinny jeans trend made also a steep declined in the 1990’s with the advancement of hip hop and grunge music. Both grunge and hip hop dictated a uniform consisting of baggy jeans and oversized outwear- starkly contrasting the considerably contoured fashion trends of the 1970’s and 1980’s. That is why wearing loosed pants had become one of the remedy as a fashion during those times and countless room for skinny jeans to wear with. So, the overlapping trends within the fashion and music industry is undeniable, and the history of skinny jeans greatly exemplifies this widespread notion. But, today the appeal of skinny jeans has reached other industries and comes in many forms.


More so, skinny jeans made a comeback. And that is why it has been worn and scattered from almost everywhere today. Now, let us all face the reality that skinny jeans had become the mainstream of fashion now and even before. It really marked a golden epoch in the history of fashion. It brings equal significant identity to all of us. It echoes every word we want to express. And it reflects one’s behavior of choosing one’s fashion. No matter what gender we are made of, wearing skinny jeans is not a hindrance to show how fashionista we became.