On Ideology


“People will often tolerate believers of their own beliefs but deter and repudiate those who dare not to believe and those who live on their own beliefs.”

The statement above seems not deviant at all. It is sad to say that it became part of the degrading political system, economic enhancement, and socio-cultural status here in our society, the so called effects of “IDEOLOGY” as defined by Althusser. It cannot be denied that from the history bloodline runs the intrepidity of the influence brought by the ideology itself. And we can’t deny the fact that we, as living rational in our society, are greatly affected by this creed of life. In fact, we are tightly caged in a quarantine of ignorance because we tend to fit ourselves in a place where our standards is just a mere opinion, where our dreams are their greatest nightmare, where what we think is right is what they think is wrong, where what we believe is good is what they believed as useless and evil, and where what we used to do is the reciprocal of what they expect us to do. Isn’t it ironic? Well, welcome to a place called “THEIRS”. It is “theirs” because we tend to live according to their standards. We seemed to deprive ourselves from being who we really are just to be “in” in the society.

The real dilemma here is that we lack the capability to express ourselves in an honest conviction. We don’t have the guts to break free and shout out the things we want to say- that we want to live in our own unique way. And what matters most is that we let this “ideology” be struck in our minds, blocking our own perspective while letting others conquer ours without even knowing that sometimes our perspective distorts the truth and falsify what is right. As a result, false consciousness arise since according to Althusser, ideology have very little to do with consciousness – it is profoundly unconscious and it thrives the belief in the belief of others.

Now we are in search for the true understanding of “Reality” and the real condition of our existence out of ideology. And searching for the right thing is accompanied with hesitation since we tend to belittle and berate ourselves. As a result we’ll just agree to what is trending in the society. But in the end of the day, we are just blinded by our own conviction. We just need to unveil the obviousness of the situation and only then we can realize that we can be the person we want us to be. It is the time for us to let ourselves to be freed from the cage of fear considering that we are able to do so.There is this palpable need of changing dominion. It may sound an old cliché but believe it or not, it’s a matter of choice. We choose the kind of person we want to become that is why, as early as now, we should learn to create our own backbone, to speak what is right, and never teach ourselves to be timid and passive in life.

“Believe what you believe, not what they want you to believe in.”